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Trion Mini M.E. Mist Eliminator best mist collector value in class product review for direct mounting to machine centers and other enclosed coolant fluid mist applications

WARNING!  Don't Throw Money Away Investing in Shaky, Messy, High Maintenance Mist Collection Equipment!  I can guarantee you...

"No More Oil Haze!  No More Mist!
No More Smoke Spreading Through Your Facility"

Bolt-on a solid, low maintenance, vibration free Mini Mist Eliminator that is guaranteed to do its job right...

The Trion Mini Mist Collector Is Ideal For Your Machine Tool...

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Whether you have auto feed, manual, or CNC with flood coolant or spray... whether you have 5 machines or 500... whether you use oil, water based or synthetic coolant... you've got to keep reading to discover the trick to long lasting, low maintenance air filtration!

Plant Manager
Maintenance Manager
Office Staff

Important MEMO to:

A large, global filter manufacturer has trapped companies worldwide in what we don't want to label as a scam, but it is definitely a situation that benefits the filter supplier at the expense of machine shops, manufacturers and production facilities that have fallen prey to their tactics.

Those who are susceptible to falling in this trap include Foremen, Managers and Staff who are not up to date on the most efficient technologies for machine mist, smoke and odor control.

HERE IS THE CATCH:  Decision makers for pollution control equipment are swayed into buying inefficient media or centrifugal filtration devices that are misleadingly labeled with high efficiency ratings.

What they are not told, is that higher efficiency media filters create LOWER overall efficiency of the entire mist collection system.  Result:  higher energy cost, higher replacement filter cost and higher overall filter sales at the expense of the machine shop or production facility.

Why do they do this?  It forces the Foreman, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager or Office Staff into a cycle of regularly purchasing expensive, high efficiency replacement filters for an inefficient mist collector system.


So, what can you do?

Be informed.  Learn about current mist collector technology for your cutting fluid application.  What makes this difficult is that there are so many forms of mist eliminators currently available.  It's overwhelming.  And every manufacturer claims theirs is the best.

We have decided to step in and help.

For best overall system efficiency, low maintenance, and low cost of ownership in most cutting oil mist applications, electrostatic precipitation is the best choice.  If your application will allow, your first choice should be a small electrostatic mist collector mounted directly to your machine enclosure.

Why should you take our advice
on choosing a Mist Collector?

We at OscarAir, Inc. are a group of air quality control consultants who currently represent over 15 different pollution control manufacturers.  We have done years of research and have seen products succeed and fail.  We know when a new technology comes along before it hits the market.  And most importantly, we know what equipment is needed in any situation.

But this website and was only created for one product.  We have carefully chosen the most successful mist collection solution for most coolant mist applications.

** Best Investment in Class **

This is our variation of the term "Best in Class".  This is the best quality product in its price range.  In other words, the most bang for the buck.

We compared all the compact mist collectors we could find that mount directly to machine enclosures.  They typically handle one machine each, sometimes two.  Airflow, rated by Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), usually tops out somewhere between 500 to 1000.  Technologies include variations of centrifugal, media and electrostatic mist collectors.

We already mentioned electrostatic is our top choice for most applications (and we'll explain why soon)... but first let's unveil our ultimate choice for the best machine mounted mist collector, bar none.

Introducing the Trion Mini Mist Eliminator!!

Machine enclosure mounted Trion Mini Mist Eliminator ranks highest quality and value among oil mist collectors

Now let's take a look at why we chose this product over all others.  The biggest benefit is electrostatic precipitation, or ESP.  Electrostatic precipitators are the most economic and effective filter technology for metal working fluid mist.

Electrostatic Precipitators Outperform
Centrifugal and Media

For mist and smoke, ESP outperforms centrifugal and media filters.  Dirty air enters and passes through the Pre-Filter where largest particles are filtered.  Next air passes through metal Ionizing section that gives mist & smoke particles in the air an electrical charge.  Then air passes through Collection Plates, where the now charged mist and smoke particles are pulled out of the air stream like a magnet.  Airflow continues through the main filtration with little or no restriction.  Finally air exists through the aluminum mesh After-Filter.

Electrostatic Precipitator or Precipitation also called ESP filtration

ESP vs. Centrifugal Mist Collectors
Centrifugal Separators operate by spinning a drum and fan blades.  The fan sucks mist laden air into the drum.  Oil is flung to the outside wall where it can drip down and collect.  Unfortunately, these systems have a major design flaw that makes them unreliable.  Contamination blown through moving parts will gum up all the parts, requiring constant checking and cleaning and replacing parts.  If left unchecked, these mist collectors will shake themselves to pieces.  Most owners of centrifugal mist collectors find a huge difference in maintenance and reliability after upgrading to the electrostatic Mini Mist Eliminator (M.E.)

ESP vs. Media Mist Collectors
Media filters are the oldest filtration technology and work very poorly for smoke and mist, compared to electrostatic.  They are great for dust, but horrible for machine oil mist and smoke.  Made of woven material, they literally soak up oil and become blocked.  In filtration language, the media becomes blinded.  Unfortunately, for some people, there are a few applications that must use media, such as cast metal machining, plastic extrusion, glue, or any kind of sticky or gummy material.  But for most people who are wet machining, cutting, sawing, grinding, turning, cold heading or even electrostatic discharge machining (EDM), the electrostatic Mini Mist Eliminator is your best choice.

Mini Mist Eliminator Technical Specifications
Oil Mist Collectors technical specifications, size information, oil mist eliminator filtration efficiency, performance, sound levels and electrical ratings

The Problem:
Oil, smoke or coolant mist spewing
from your machine center.

The Solution:
Economical filtration mounted
directly to the machine center.

Clean, fresh, healthy air comes out of the top,
while recycled coolant drains out of the bottom!

Plus You Get all these smart benefits designed and built right into the Mini Mist Eliminator, thanks to the same American engineering Trion used when supplying the US Submarine Fleet...

mist collector Easy to install
Just cut an opening in the machine enclosure and bolt on the Mini M.E.  Plug it in to a regular outlet, and go.  If you want to get fancy, wire it to the machine controls.
mist eliminator

Easy Maintenance
Just run filters through parts washer monthly or weekly, depending on your application.  Depending on fluid viscosity, Mini Mist Eliminator is somewhat self cleaning.

mist collectors Versatile Mounting for Any Facility Configuration

1) Directly bolted to your enclosure

2) Stand w/plenum & duct can mount to any machine enclosure

3) It's pretty lightweight, you can get creative and stick it anywhere

mist eliminator No Filters to Replace - Pays for Itself in Filter Savings
1 year of disposable pads, liners, filters and other parts from a centrifugal or media mist collector (not including initial purchase price) often outweigh Mini Mist Eliminator cost.
Save MORE Money with Low Resistance Filtration
Electrostatic cells, unlike media filters, do not impede the air flow.  Imagine blowing air through a foam pillow.  Now soak the pillow in oil and dust.  Media mist collector fan speed needs to be cranked up maintain airflow pulling from your process.  ESP collection plates do not effect airflow.
Variable Speed Control - Minimize Energy Cost
Start the Mini Mist Eliminator on lowest setting.  Slowly turn up dial until mist & smoke disappears.  Keep air flow set as low as possible to minimize energy cost while maximizing filtration.
Problems Keeping Energy Cost Down? Automatic Turn On/Off
Mini Mist Eliminator can wire to the machine center controls so you don't have to worry about operators leaving it running during down time.
Bigger, Dual Pass Collection Cells - Super Efficient
You get 2 collections cells back to back for less than the price of competitors with only 1 cell.  Double the filtration efficiency makes Cleaner Air for less money, using less electricity.
Save Money on Cutting Fluid by Recycling Coolant
Most solid particles that may be collected, will stay on the collection cells.  But metal cutting fluid will collect and drain off excess that is clean enough to pipe directly into your machine's reservoir for immediate re-use.
Consistent Airflow - Set It and Forget It
As media filters load with contaminants, fan speed must be constantly adjusted to keep up air flowing from your application.  Mini M.E. air flow always remains constant, no need for adjustments.  You can set it initially and then lock down the dial.
Vibration Free - Stop Making Bad Parts
Centrifugal collectors are designed for oil and contaminants to pass through high speed spinning chambers that cause them to go out of balance and shake.  Mini M.E. is essentially vibration free.
Lower House Keeping Costs
A Mini M.E. Mist Eliminator on every machine in your facility can eliminate the accumulation of oil on walls, floors and surfaces.
No Centrifugal Rebuilds
Most owners of centrifugal oil mist separators hate following the recommended maintenance schedules that include regularly disassembling and rebuilding the entire collector.  The best centrifugal mist collector is your worst maintenance nightmare.

Now, let's talk money!  You already know this product has the lowest maintenance cost of just about any type of oil mist collector anywhere.  And here is the price tag everyone immediately looks for.  But first, what would you expect to pay for all this?  $5000? No.  $4000?  OK, just kidding, this isn't a late night infomercial.  We'll just tell you flat out.

Prices for machine mounted mist collectors range from $2000 and up.

Trion mist collectors

In addition to being a superior product, the manufacturer has given us exclusive pricing, just for this website, that puts cost far below any competitive mist collectors.

Trion Mini Mist Eliminator (M.E.)
List Price: $1,900.00

Exclusive Wholesale Price: $1,582.20

Are you worried about wasting $1,582.20 on a new oil mist collector?

  Don't be.  It's guaranteed to work.

Mist Collector Gurantee

OscarAir, Inc.
100% Performance

Guaranteed Mist Collectors


During anytime within 60 days after your Trion Mini M.E. purchase if you decide you are not satisfied with the performance of your product and you believe this mist collector did not do everything I said it would, just email or call me for a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

It's simple. Either it works for you or you get your money back! All of the risk is on me. I allow you to try your mist collector for 60 days... if you are not 100% satisfied, just return it to me in the condition you received it and I will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked... I am that confident in the high efficiency performance of the Trion Mini M.E.Oil Mist Eliminator Performance Guarantee

To activate your 100% Performance Guarantee, you must call OscarAir, Inc. before purchasing.

- 60 Days -
100% Full Refund

Oil Mist Collector Guarantee   Mist Eliminator Guarantee

+ PLUS +
3 YEAR Manufacturer Warranty
on top of the 60 day full refund from OscarAir, Inc.

Can you think of anything else?  We can't.  This is the best mist collector we could find.  It outshines all the rest.  And we are offering it RISK FREE.  And at this price, you can pick one up for your shop, bolt it on a machine center, and see what she does.  When you see how well it works, you'll want one for every machine.

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